Anything Something

2013. 거시기 머시기(Geosigi Meosigi); Anything Something (Gwangju Design Biennale 2013) Design Award Submition

It was an event held at Gwangju Design Biennale with the subject of Geosigi Meosigi; a  meaningless signifier(Anything Something).
A meaningless signifier is commonly used in communication but it is able to be understood because we comprehend the hidden context by reading the habits and characteristics of the culture we live in. By stimulating the empathetic emotion of ‘we connect with each other’, we can feel others with the understanding of each situation although someone throws uncertain/ambiguous words at you.
I believe this is what designers need to pay more attention to for catching people’s hidden desire or wants.
The poster was considered such elements and I was attempting to increase the value by making a common item creative. The box was expressed with the letters of ㄱ and ㅁ from the words of Geosigi Meosigi(‘거’시기 ‘머’시기). This was to show that the box contained the infinite possibilities like a part of ‘The Little Prince’ story that the little prince was so happy with the box drawing, not the sheep drawings although its shape was ordinary and common.

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