Ketchup Project

2011. Ketchup Project

In the process of selecting the individual culture in the daily life, ‘ketchup’, which is always around us and familiar with us, has been chosen. After I was researching and deriving keywords(Ketchup), the colour-cording, icon, typography and infography were created. Then, a book was came out as a final result.


The icon was designed by using the package of ketchup pack. In order to present that ketchup is deeply permeated into our everyday life, the image shows the ketchup in connection with objects of everyday life.


The typography was designed with the representative ketchup brand, Heinz.
Heinz bottles, as the fundamental framework, were created into the letters and the amount of ketchup inside of the bottles presented the numbers.


I attempted to create an image that can easily be recognised at a glance, rather than a difficult and challenging infography.
It shows the basic components of the ketchup and the situation of being used.

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