The Greeting Bag

2015. The Greeting Bag; Hangeul Bag(글가방)

This work was shortlisted in the contest called Korean Creative Idea Award(한글 창의 아이디어 공모전) organised by Korean Creative Content Agency(한국 콘텐츠 진흥원).

First of all, I was thinking what could be a good tourist goods with the resonable price and came across the eco-bag.
I would like to keep Hangeul structure and its system rather than experiment(as breaking or changing its shape) them so that the tourists who are mostly foreigners can feel the pure original Hangeul.
Korean greeting, 안녕, is on the front side of the bag and the other countries greeting is on the back side.
The reason why I chose the greeting word for the bag was because I wished the bag could show the tourists hospitality and welcome them, not only be a tourist goods.

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